Laracon AU 2019 Personal Note's

November 13, 2019

Inertia.js & Domain driven design

Freek Van der Herten - @freekmurze

Freek walked through his code base of that uses laravel/react/redux and he explains how inertiajs ( is integrated. He also showed us how to structure convert a project into domain drive design and shared a link from one of his employees -

Crafting maintainable laravel applications

Jmac @gonedark

Jmac is the creator of Laravel Shift ( so his advice is highly recommended as he's seen over 20k + applications upgraded through his platform and he's see's what people do wrong. He explains in this article 10 things to keep in mind when developing laravel applications.

Behavior-driven development and why

Marcus Moore @marcusamoore

Marcus explained the benefits of behavior-driven development using tools like behat.

You can checkout his slides here -

Vue.js - Closing Modals with the Back Button in a Vue SPA

Jess Archer @jessarchercodes

Jess shows us how to hack closing models using browser functionality

Expressive Eloquent Collections - Highly recommend his blog (

Tim MacDonald - @timacdonald87

Tim showed improve readability using collection's -

Slides are shown here.